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Hello web. I'm a bookworm who really enjoys writing book reviews. I'm from Portugal and I read almost every genre. As of now, I'll be posting my reviews here and on my Goodreads page and I'd love for you to give me your opinion on them or on the actual book: expectations (if you haven't read it yet) and opinions (if you have read it). Mariana (:

Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs

4 stars


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Oh my Mercy. Oh my Adam. Oh my Jesse. Oh my Samuel. Oh my Zee. Oh my Warren. Oh my Ben.


photo crying2_zpsac6d9085.gif


That damn cliffhanger is eating me up.


Okay. Get a grip, Mariana. *deep breath*


As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't read a Mercy book in a while. And when I say a while, I mean more than a year. I don't know why I would do such a thing. I guess I just kept forgetting to buy the following installments of the series. I'm way behind, I know.


Anyway, I was offered a book during a book fair and they had this one. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to return to my beloved Mercy & Co.


The same way "Moon Called" focused on wolves and "Blood Bound" on vampires, "Iron Kissed" was about the fae. Zee, Mercy's gremlin mentor, has been imprisoned for the murder of one of Fairyland's human guards. Even though Zee is innocent, he would have killed the man if he had the chance, being that he had committed the multiple homicides who plagued the fae reserve. As the loyal protégée that she is, Mercy will do everything in her power to prove Zee's innocence, even if it includes investigating the secrets of the magical folk, who wouldn't hesitate to eliminate her, or Zee for that matter, if it kept them out of the spotlight.


There's tons of Adam Hauptman, though not nearly enough for the Adam junkies, like myself. He's so dreamy.


photo ewdw_zpsea399781.gif


The story started out a bit slow, but it picked up its pace around 25%. The mystery was, as always with Patricia Briggs, intriguing and absorbing, mostly because the villains were those you never would have suspected of. The reader is introduced to seemingly ordinary and unimportant characters, who end up revealing themselves as so much more.


That said, this was a great book, just not mindblowingly amazing to deserve those 5 stars. The exceptionally interesting last half doesn't make up for the slightly more dull first half. However, I will always recommend this series for its wonderfully woven story and rich, loveable characters.

New arrivals!

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

I bought this little beauty today, just in time for the movie. To be read soon!

Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop

Daughter of the Blood - Anne Bishop

4 stars


Serious review ahead. Deep shit, no gifs.


This book is set in an extremely dark world created by Anne Bishop, in which women rule over men. Sounds great for us females, doesn't it? I thought so too. However, most of the women you'll meet in Terreille are vicious bitches. Using men as pleasure slaves and torture objects (including complete castration) kind of bitches. They're hard-core and very emotionally attached to their wavering positions of leadership.


In Terreille, the Blood are the ruling class. Among them, there are distinctions based on Rank and Jewels, the darkest being the most powerful. The Jewels are recipients of power, yet they do not determine one's position in society. A good example would be that of Surreal, a prostitute whose Jewel is Gray, the third most powerful out of thirteen.


In order to control the men who pose a threat to their position, the ruling assembly of witches enslave them by using the Ring of Obedience, which is attached to their penis, causing sharp pain and molding them to their will. Daemon Sadi and Lucivar Yaslana are two Princes made slaves in this way. Bastards and half-brothers, they serve women after hateful women, roaming the various courts of Terreile, losing their hope as the centuries go by, leaving them physically unscathed, but mentally worn-out.


Seven hundred years before, Tersa, a Black Widow, had foreseen the arrival of the Witch, a Queen of unspeakable power and influence who would return Terreille to its rightful path. Dreams made flesh, she is the one Daemon and Lucivar have been expecting. She is the one no one would ever hesitate to serve with their lives. She is also a child. At twelve, Jaenelle Angelline is capable of more than any thousand-year-old witch. She already wears the Black Jewel. The world has never seen anyone as powerful as she is, capable of magic never before accomplished.


Surrounded by men who worship her, ancient creatures who had long lost their hope, Jaenelle flourishes, learning the Art from the High Lord of Hell himself, Saetan SaDiablo, Daemon and Lucivar's father. He is, along with his son Daemon, the most powerful of the Blood. That is, until the arrival of the Witch. Together, they form the four-sided triangle of the Blood: father (Saetan), brother (Lucivar) and consort (Daemon), united by the central piece, the Witch/Queen (Jaenelle).


A warning, dear reader. This is an extremely intricate book with an elaborate world-building component. You must be open-minded and try to transport yourself into it, instead of comparing this fictional reality to your own. Yes, it will be highly immoral and it will shock you more often than not, but it will also manage to enchant you with its strangeness and its blatant violence. I strongly advise this book for those who are brave enough to dive into it!

Queen of Someday by Sherry D. Ficklin

Queen of Someday - Sherry D. Ficklin

3,5 stars


photo tumblr_mnkn25SaJC1qi40o2o1_500_zps63889667.png


This is the fictional retelling of Catherine the Great a.k.a. Prussian Princess Sophie's arrival to Russian court, at age fifteen. I would classify it as mature YA, since the main character is inserted in an extremely harsh reality.


That said, I'll move on to the GUYS. The MEN. The HOT DUDES.


photo jenna_zpsf528a0ba.gif


SERGEI: Loyal friend and Sophie's tutor of Russian. She often mentions he is the only person she can fully trust in court. Damn, he sexy.


photo drmy_zpsf2bf4c23.gif


ALEXANDER: The mysterious Lord who becomes the love of Sophie's life. Don't get me started on their relationship. I nearly died from the tragicness of it all. Helena and Paris. The starcrossed lovers. I do love a good old-school romance, especially when it is well-written, which was the case with Sophie and Alexander's love story.


photo oprah-clasps-hands_zpse2173c29.gif


PETER: Heir to the throne of Russia, he's a spoiled brat who enjoys manipulating everyone around him. He's a motherfucker. I hate his guts.


photo nicki_zpsa572d476.gif


I know what you're thinking, fellow reader. Three guys? It crossed my mind, but you'll see that the circumstances will change their interest in her.


If "Queen of Someday"'s amazingness level were to be represented in a chart, it would hit its peak toward the last 5% of the book. Those 5% were the best of the best.


If Sophie started out as a coy, weak and innocent girl, she ended up a cunning and strong future Queen who will stop at nothing to guarantee her position. I like grown-up Sophie. The hardships she faced (which left me quite angry and sad) shaped her into a fighter, destined to rule all of Russia.


Most of the book had a fairly ordinary, YA-like romantic focus. However, the grand finale was a game-changer and saved the story in my eyes. In just 5%, this book went from a little depressing to badass.


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**ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

On Demon Wings by Karina Halle

On Demon Wings - Karina Halle

A book with little to no Dex in it?


photo ectqP_zpsa719fa19.gif


4 stars


I am so emotionally crippled by what Perry went through during this book that I can't seem to process it correctly.


Meet "On Demon Wings" Perry:


photo tumblr_n04mkbOHlV1rrfpjio1_500_zpsf856c1b7.gif


Yes, she's slightly possessed. As it turns out, the demons which have chased her during her whole life are back to torment her. And each day she falls a little bit more into the depths of her mind, losing control over her body and handing it to another entity.


photo evl_zps347a0760.gif


The only person who should be able to rescue her from her downfall (Dex, of course) is the one she is trying to forget after he rejected her in the end of "Lying Season".


Perry is surrounded by disbelievers who will not hesitate to deem her insane and abandon her to her demons. I am referring to her crappy parents.


photo grinch1_zps37103104.gif


Not you, Ada. Without your support and concern, I don't know what would have happened to your sister.


photo i_like_you_zps4188dbef.gif


While reading this book, try not to panic. It is probably the most scary of the series so far, because it depicts a mental sickness so vicious that you fear you will lose beloved Perry for good.

Old Blood by Karina Halle

Old Blood - Karina Halle

3,5 stars


This is the story of Pippa Lindstrom, Dex's old nanny and Perry's grandmother.


Since her chilhood in an overly religious family to the time she spent in Stockholm, pursuing her dream of becoming an actress - where she met her only love (Ludie) and her husband (Karl), to her stone-cold daughter Ingrid, who made her mother move to New York because of her modelling career. Then there's the painstakingly damaged O'Shea family, plagued by drunken Régine, and little Declan, the least favourite son, the constant focus of his mother's destructive behaviour.


Pippa ended up incapable of living a normal life, disturbed by the astronomical amount of ghosts and demons harassing her, until she was put in a mental institution for the last ten years of her life, thanks to a daughter who always hated and misunderstood her.


I liked the notion that Dex and Perry were always destined to find each other. Only when two people with their abilities share a life is it possible to prevent their downfall into utter madness. Their hearts are magnets. But Pippa didn't have anyone, and the otherworld prevailed.

The Real Thing by Cassie Mae

The Real Thing: Flirt New Adult Romance - Cassie Mae

3 stars


photo ifeelnothing_zps955ed321.gif


This cutesy thing is a slightly innovative friends-to-lovers kind of romance. Definitely sweet, but it wasn't that exciting... I guess I'm not used to dealing with insecurities that seem to remain unsolved for too long. Honestly, Emilia's friends somehow became irrelevant along the way, with the details blurring completely. For such a short book, there should have been less soppiness and more focus on something other than a painfully static relationship. I mean, they kissed once and they're already dating?


photo holdthefuckup_zpsf7f3c639.gif


Sorry, but that is not functional.


However, I actually liked the fact that Emmy's character reminded me of myself, with her social networking and book addiction. But mine's not nearly as bad.


Overall, it was a nice book, but it seemed to drag on and on about the same subjects. I also didn't feel very emotionally attached to the main couple and found their arguments a bit repetitive.


ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Dex-Files by Karina Halle

The Dex-Files - Karina Halle

4,5 stars


Oh my Dex.


Your traumatic childhood.


photo jlst_zpscc31a2a3.gif


The magnetic attraction you felt towards Perry even before you knew her.


photo elvis-panting_zpsbaadd8a2.gif


Your general horniness around her.


photo so-hot_zps04f527ea.gif


The love you feel for her.


photo hrtbt_zps72a800a9.gif


I'm melting here!


photo tiredorgasm_zps884f8c14.gif


If there is one thing I have learned from this, is that the way Dex feels rarely reflects on the way he acts. We can see this in the many rejections he directs toward Perry, even though he loves her and wants nothing more but to give in to his urges.


Also, my Deximia is getting worse. Thank God there is no cure!

Lying Season by Karina Halle

Lying Season  - Karina Halle

5 stars


photo giphy_zps5ab6213f.gif


First of all. DEX.


What were you thinking, you stupid douchecanoe?


photo collectivefacepalm_zps2184d8bd.gif


Should I kick your ass, SOB?


photo gtfo-kick_zps5cadea95.gif


Or should I kiss you, hottie?


photo Denise-Richards-Kiss_zps1ef5a626.gif


On the one hand, you love Perry. But on the other hand, you are scared of change and prefer to be around a manipulating bitch that you don't even love (a.k.a. Jenn) instead of taking a chance with the sexiest woman alive (a.k.a. Perry).


I mean, everyone with a pair of eyes can sense the main couple's sizzling attraction in the way they stare at and confort each other. Could Dex be any more swoon-worthy when he compliments Perry or states just how much he cares about her and needs her?


photo swoon_zps676adc64.gif


It pains me to see your relationship plagued by lies. You could have had it all, had you not hid your feelings from one another. I just hope you'll have another chance.


Then, Her Bitchy Highness - Jennifer Rodriguez. I am so glad I could direct all my hate towards you during the whole book. I swore. A lot. That is how much I loathe Jenn and her fake attitude.


photo b-plz_zpsa4796488.gif


I loved it when Jenn and Dex argued or she didn't care about his problems. I was smiling like a maniac.


photo evil-smile_zps30171841.gif


I think I creeped people out. That's the effect this book had on me. My favourite of the series so far.


Last but not least, the horror stuff.


Abby (Dex's old girlfriend who died while driving drunk) is haunting both of them. She gives me the chills. She actually managed to compete with the lepers.


There's also the Riverside Mental Hospital. Slightly disturbing, but Perry and Dex have seen worse.


Honestly, the main focus of this book isn't "Experiment in Terror", but the interactions between Dex, Perry and Jenn, and a further incursion into his past. Which was fine by me!


If you haven't read this series, please do. You won't be disappointed!

Dead Sky Morning by Karina Halle

Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle

4,5 stars




The Island of Death. You creeped me out. Big time. What, zombies? That's childplay. But dead lepers whose hands and feet fell off? My new nightmare material. That and giggling babies with their skin peeling off.


photo somg_zps79f27af2.gif


Dex and Perry. You are my new favourite couple. I am so invested in you. It is not normal. You're making so much progress, finally opening up to each other.


photo adorablemarshall.gif


They played "Truth or Dare" and "I Have Never" with a bottle of Jack...


photo 5uy_zpsfc373ee0.gif


There better be some real action soon, or I'll riot! *wink*


"Lying Season"! *drumroll* There will be a dog called Fat Rabbit. There will be hateful bitch Jennifer Rodriguez. There will be Dex. There will be Perry. In the same house!


photo ovrjy_zps798c2485.gif

Red Fox by Karina Halle

Red Fox - Karina Halle

4,5 stars


I am in awe.


photo mindblown_zps27571a0a.gif


I love you, Karina Halle. You make my life better. You write in the most thrilling, chilling, romantic fashion. You have awoken a huge crush in me for the most manic, eccentric hero I have ever come across. He has a moustache. I hate moustaches. But I love Dex. And Perry.


photo fangirlmode_zps1424d35a.gif


Who gets butterflies in their stomach from reading a book? I do. And it's all your fault, evil writer.


Dex and Perry. Perry and Dex. You are so repressed. You obviously love each other. But you don't do shit about it. You exchange knee-buckling stares, sleep in each other's arms, flirt like mad, almost-kiss all the time... I'm dying here.


photo feelings_zps9452a542.gif


The actual plot was great. Take a former Navajo and now overtly Christian couple living in a ranch in the outskirts of decrepit town of Red Fox, New Mexico. Add plenty of rock-throwing, sheep carcasses and animal harassment, and you've got yourself a nice mystery for "Experiment in Terror", Perry and Dex's amateur internet show.


They arrive in Red Fox pretending to be married and expecting nothing but an annoying poltergeist to deal with. Of course it wouldn't be that easy. Soon enough, our aspiring ghost-hunters are immersed in Navajo myths come to reality. Skinwalkers! *wink*


Very simply put, I am head over heels in love with this series. Dear self-control, please, please, prevent me from reading the entire series in two weeks.

The Benson by Karina Halle

The Benson (Experiment in Terror, #2.5) - Karina Halle

4 stars


This was such a tiny story that I can't really give it 5 stars. I really enjoyed it anyway.


Perry and Dex are in Seattle visiting the local haunted hotel: The Benson. Inside, they (Perry) unravel the mystery of ghost Parker, who had supposedly commited suicide in the premises when faced with financial difficulties.


But time is of the essence! "Dead Sky Morning" must be read!


photo giveittomenow_zpsfdc05e09.gif

Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

Magic Burns  - Ilona Andrews

5 stars


It's over. I finished this book.


photo crying2_zpsac6d9085.gif


It was mind-blowing and addictive and original and creepy and action-packed. I'm having a relapse!


I need more post-apocalyptic Atlanta. I want to have my life invaded by unconventional, mindless, Gollum-like vampires. I need maniac and kinky shapeshifters to make me laugh. I wish I could immerse myself in Celtic mythology again, dealing with foul-smelling reeves, the Shepherd and Ugad. And misty warrior Bran.


photo almostcrying_zps4bbfc9e6.gif


I need more Curran. The scenes involving him and Kate were my favourite. I wish I could have my own Beast Lord. But I would jump him straightaway. Yes, I am criticising you and your resistance, Kate.


photo canihavehimformybirthday.gif


I need more Kate. I actually admire her bravery and exceptionally strong death-wish. She's so reckless and badass and sarcastic and inherently good. I don't think I have ever loved a heroine as much as I love Kate Daniels. She's both a girl-crush and a heroine. A loner and a mercenary, her powers enveloped in secrecy, her life a deadly rollercoaster, Kate is a thrilling character I certainly want to follow.


I will never get tired of this series. I quite simply adore the quirky characters, this new take on urban fantasy and the mythology, being the geek that I am. Celtic god wars was great. But paranormal Hunger Games sounds just as juicy. Especially if His Furry Highness is involved.


photo sexyeyebrows_zps45b40475.gif

Unfiltered & Unlawful

Unfiltered & Unlawful - Payge Galvin, Ronnie Douglas

4 stars


I'm just going to summarise this book, since I read so many while on holiday. Reviewing can be tough work.


A secondary intrigue of drug-related bullshit which had no closure whatsoever and didn't captivate my interest at all.


An angsty, former drug-addict with self-esteem issues called Sasha (nickname Sugar).


Her hottie, tattoo artist bestfriend.


photo hb3_zps63455322.gif


And her shady, part-time dealer of an ex-boyfriend - who she still sleeps with.


photo pieceofshit_zps740b7db1.gif


That was basically it. Mixed with tons of sexual tension between Sasha and Adam (sexy, tattooed hunk) and maddening inferiority complex crisis from Sasha.


The difference between this and the other contemporary romance/erotica books out there? The innovative sex scenes. You'll never be bored, amigas.


photo mybodyisready.gif

Angels' Dance

Angels' Dance - Nalini Singh

4 stars

It wasn't until I read this novella that I realised how I missed Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter universe. Seeing Raphael four hundred years before he met Elena, drowning in his apathy, made me want to read about them again.

But the focus of this novella is another relationship, that of Galen and Jessamy. 

She is a very old angel, born with a deformed left wing and therefore incapable of flight. The keeper of angelic history. The teacher for the angelic young. A woman with a burning desire to touch the sky.

He is a young warrior arriving from Titus's court, a weapon's master who wishes to serve under the new archangel Raphael. A barbarian for his directness of speech. A man unknown to love, not even from his parents.

After millenia of silence, the woman Jessamy holds inside of her awakens through Galen's touch. They find they are the answer to the most intimate desires of one another. And true love manifests...

A Wedding in Springtime

A Wedding in Springtime - Amanda Forester

3,5 stars

As far as soapy historical romances go, this one actually had a believable intrigue. Points for mentioning the France-England dispute.

Eugenia was so naive it hurt. After a while, I couldn't stand her self-loathing thoughts anymore. But Grant (her love interest) managed to gain my praise. He had the most hilarious tirades.

Regarding Marchford and Penelope, I am extremely curious to see how their relationship will turn out, since I really enjoyed their unusual dynamic. Oh, and her newly-found profession as a matchmaker, of course. In fact, I think I might just skip book two of the Marriage Mart series. Thornton was a very shallow character in this particular book, merely an ornament. A Scottish ornament, but still. I'm not feelin' it.