More Than Words by Lilly Avalon

More Than Words - Lilly Avalon

1,5 stars


I have endured fifty pages of facepalms and eye-rolls.



This novella was like a mine field. A mine field of stinky cheese. Cheese that can and most certainly will explode as soon as you step on it.


"Yeah... that was my first... orgasm."


Do I even need to comment?


"Tell my best friend about how I've inadvertently fallen for a guy who only wanted me for one night?" I turn to her, my eyes filling with tears.
"Oh sweetie." She wraps her arms around me as I quietly cry on her shoulder and tell her everything that happened.


Yes, of course he did. Poor you.



We were like two halves of a whole coming together and it made me feel complete.


I can't even.



I think I'm allergic to this book.