Angels' Pawn

Angels' Pawn - Nalini Singh 4 stars

This was a very nice novella on Ashwini and Janvier, two characters that aren't featured in detail in the Guild Hunter Series.

Ashwini keeps being assigned to hunts where Janvier is involved, but this time she asks for his help to retrieve Monique Beaumont, a newly-made vampire under the domain of Nazarach, the cringe-worthy angel whose eyes and home are filled with screams. The abduction of Monique is related to a dispute between two clans: the Beaumonts, who have been ruling for hundreds of years, and the Fox kiss, a recent threat to their supremacy.

Ash and Janvier flirt like mad during the novella, their attraction obvious to the reader. However, that ended up not being the main focus of the story. I managed to forget the couple for a short amount of time to concentrate on the intrigue. I liked the part where Nazarach announced his decision regarding the penalties for those who disrespected him and seeing his ruthlessness in action.