Vínculo de Sangue

Vínculo de Sangue  - Manuel Alberto Vieira, Patricia Briggs 5 stars

This is only my second Patricia Briggs book, but she has already become one of my favourite authors. This is mostly because she has done the unthinkable. Yes, it's true. Patricia Briggs has cured me of my stupid addiction. I went to rehab for romance addicts and returned safe and sound. I no longer value books with romance in them more than I value books that don't have it.

"Blood Bound" didn't need any romance to be AWESOME (!!!).

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This is the vampire book in the Mercy Thompson series. In "Moon Called", you don't get to know much about vampires, only about werewolves, which are the main focus of the story. "Blood Bound" is all about vampires.

Bear in mind that different authors have different concepts of VAMPIRE. In this book, you'll find vampires that are in many ways similar to the classic definition: killed with wooden stakes and vulnerable to sunlight, to the point where they die during the day. There are, however, a few groundbreaking additions to the Dracula-like concept: these vampires live in a community called a nest and some have a house where they keep several humans to feed from.

Tiny synopsis:

Mercy owes Stefan a favour, and he asks her to accompany him, as a coyote, to a meeting with a vampire intruder.

But Cory Littleton proves to be more than just a vampire. As it turns out, he was a wizard before he was turned. Basically, he is now a vampire possessed by a demon, and a very dangerous creature because of it.

He is capable of making Stefan believe he drank the life out of a woman, when Mercy saw that he didn't. This proves to be a huge threat to all, due to the fact that Stefan is one of the strongest of his kind. If the wizard was capable of controlling him, then nobody is safe.

Everywhere Littleton goes, he leaves a trail of violence and destruction. His presence in Tri-Cities leads to a wave of violence between the human population (murder, suicide, aggression, etc.) and causes many supernatural creatures to lose control.

When Stefan, Ben and a vampire who accompanied them in their search for Littleton disapear and Warren is found hurt nearly beyond recovery, Mercy decides it's time to intervene. She is told that she possesses two features that make her the only person who can stop Littleton: the fact that she isn't affected by vampire magic and her ability to see ghosts.

Mercy is now the only hope to save her friends and her community. To protect her loved ones, she'll have to sacrifice her safety and perhaps even her life.

A slight change in love-related geometry:

I've been told that my suspicions aren't correct, but this book only made me believe them more. It appears that Mercy has found herself inside a love-square. A love triangle was, in my opinion, and hers as well, bad enough, but a love-square? Are you serious? A f**king love-square?

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Let's organise the information, shall we?

MERCY - The poor woman who sees herself stuck in a weirdly shaped intersection of love interests.

SAMUEL - Mercy's first love, who totally wanted to use her to have children and didn't love her at all. "Oh, and now I love you, Mercy! I can smell him on you.". Well, if you're so upset, maybe you shouldn't have been such a bastard before!

STEFAN - What?? Stefan?? Yes, f**king Stefan! I won't even bother talking about you, blood sucker. Just know that Mercy will never see you as more than her friend. Get it?

ADAM - Oh, Adam. He's the ultimate perfection of a guy. An Alpha werewolf who is sexy as hell... I don't think there's really a choice here. He's just so understanding to Mercy, you can see he loves her completely. He is willing to take it slow for her. And the fact that he understands her so well makes me swoon... *.*

Final notes:

As usual, thank you so much for reading my amateur and weirdly organised reviews :)

Read this series, you won't be sorry!