Chasing Harry Winston

Chasing Harry Winston - Lauren Weisberger I found this on a Book Fair in Algarve (Portugal), where I was staying on holiday. I took a chance and bought it a bit impulsively. I chose well, I must say.

"Chasing Harry Winston" was super funny and witty. I found myself smiling unconsciously while reading. That happened mostly in the last two chapters, where I felt tremendously happy for Leigh, Emmy and Adriana. After all that happened during the whole book, they really deserved their happy ending.

That said, I've got to say, dear Lauren Weisberger, that you won me over with this book. You couldn't have ended the story any better than you did. I loved the ending and, although wishing I could know more about what happened next, I feel like I already do. Your finale wasn't as open as it seemed, after all.

There were a few dull moments, and it wasn't a perfect book, I admit. It started getting juicier only after a while. That's basically why I rated it with four stars.

This was my first LW book, but since it worked out so well, I may be reading her hit novel, "The Devil Wears Prada", in a not-so-distant future.