O Apelo da Lua

O Apelo da Lua  - Manuel Alberto Vieira, Patricia Briggs This book was a pleasant surprise. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, Susana :)

It started a bit slow, but it grew into something so interesting I couldn't wait to get my hands on it during my free time.

Mercy Thompson is a great character we get to know very well in this first book. She's brave and fierce, but also careful when dealing with the paranormal creatures who lurk in her neighborhood.

One of them is the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, Adam Hauptman, who is a total hottie. His protective instincts toward Mercy are too heart-warming to be ignored.
She's also currently repairing a vampire's van. These creatures are described as being vicious and savage, giving in to their instincts easily. Werewolves are also very susceptible to these and, due to that, Mercy is careful not to awaken the wolf within them and its violent urges.
Also, her old boss is a fae, more specifically, a gremlin.

There are some other relevant wolves in the story: Samuel and the Marrok.
Samuel is Mercy's teenage love, who seems to still have some feelings for her. He's the Marrok's firstborn son, meaning, his father is the Alpha of all the Alphas across North America, the supreme leader of the werewolves in this area.

All of these secondary characters were an important contribution to the story and the world-building. This was done slowly, as Mercy interacted to the different characters and situations related to her past life, her friends and her strange world.

I particularly liked Jesse, Adam's daughter. She was a really funny and witty girl, and a competent matchmaker ;)

In the beginning, I was worried about the love triangle, but not anymore. I was said Mercy would make a clean and easy choice, and that the whole series wouldn't be focused on her deciding who was best for her: Adam or Samuel. They're both very hot and smart wolves, but I would go for Adam. HE'S F**KING PERFECT!

Some time after the middle of the book, the story became more fast-paced and gripping. It got so much better that I read the last half in three days, and the rest in almost a week. I still enjoyed the first part very much, but the 5 stars were earned due to that last and amazing part.

It was a great first contact with Patricia Briggs' work, and I'm planning to read "Blood Bound" soon, since I can't wait to read more about Mercy and Adam, my new favourite couple, whose relationship is still so green, but holds so much potential.

A personal concern:

While skimming though some reviews of the next books in this series, I was surprised by a few insinuations regarding Mercy and Stefan. And I was filled with doubt and a bit of panic. So, one love triangle ends, and another begins? I don't want Stefan and Mercy together! HOLY SHIT. Forgive my swearing, but this really pisses me off. Oh well, I'll just have to deal with it later, when I get to it.
For now, I have my Elena and Raphael for entertainment.

Translation related remarks:

A tradução não era grande coisa. Há pior, é verdade, mas ainda assim esta não me agradou nada.
O problema não foram os erros ortográficos: esses, quando em pequena quantidade, toleram-se bem. Não, o problema foram os enganos nas personagens. Detetei alguns, porque a história ficava bastante confusa quando uma fala era identificada com a personagem errada. No entanto, podem-me ter escapado muitos.
Na minha opinião, estas "gralhas" são bastante graves, e são mais uma razão pela qual eu devia ler as edições originais, mas enfim... De vez em quando, sabe bem ler na nossa língua materna!