Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi I just finished it and I immediately ran to the computer to post a review on Goodreads.

I simply loved it. This is Tahereh Mafi's debut, and a great one. 'Shatter Me' is written in a very original way , with supressed punctuation and crossed sentences that really put you inside Juliette's head.
She's a really amazing person. She's gone through years of isolation, she was never touched because people knew that the moment they touched her they'd be dead.
She believes her gift is a curse and lives unhappily in an asylum, unaware that several people are searching for her in order to use her as a weapon, a way of torturing people. Her touch was proven to be lethal when she killed a young boy while trying to help him up. Since then, she's lived as an outcast, keeping her distance from everyone. She's such a good person that she does things for people without asking for something in return. Her character is fascinating.
The action starts when she's taken to Warner, who belongs to The Reestablishment, a movement that's supposed to save the planet and the people living in it. He is a monster, killing people for fun. He's obssessed with Juliette, he wants to use her as a weapon and keeps testing her.

Juliette has been in love with Adam since primary school, he was the only one who didn't treat her like a monster, he was her only friend. They meet again in her cell, in the asylum. When she's taken to the compound, she discovers that he's a soldier for Warner. But he also loves her, and is willing to risk everything for her, to be with her. They run from Warner together.

I think I'll stop telling the story of the book. I just couldn't help it, I'm sorry. I'll just say that you'll be surprised in the end of the book - think superheroes ;).

Well, Tahereh, congratulations on the beautiful and so emotionally rich book you wrote .
I really admire writers. The way they can write more than two pages of stories - just put it all out - amazes me.

So honey, I really would like for you to hurry and write me another one. And kill all the love squares or whatever! Adam and Juliette. That's all I have to say.