O Rei do Mercado

O Rei do Mercado - Juliette Benzoni, Carlos Correia Monteiro de Oliveira I adored this Juliette Benzoni book. From the beggining, it was able to lock me in its story.
I must say, Jean de Fontsomme isn't my favourite guy. I would definitely go for François. He's mysterious and passionate. However, he was terribly stupid in the end of it. After he and Sylvie had had sex for the first time, Jean attacked him and he corresponded to it. In my opinion, he shouldn't have. Now, Sylvie hates him for taking her husband from her. She loved him, after all, and he was Marie's father. Leaving Sylvie and Jean's daughter without a dad was very irresponsible of François. And - surprise - he's a father again! Second son, I must say. The King itself is François' son, and now Sylvie's son is his too. What a mess! But aren't messes always fun to figure out?

I'm looking forward to the third and final book of the trilogy. I am certain that I'll be reading it very soon. ;)

(Read from 9th to 19th November)