A Clínica do Terror

A Clínica do Terror - Mary Higgins Clark Fantastic book by Mary Higgins Clark. It was my first, but it is certainly not my last. ;)

The whole plot was very intriguing. Dr. Highley, whom we know is the killer right from the beggining, does crazy experiences with pregnant women, moving fetus from aborting mothers to infertile women treated in his clinic. It was awful, but also marvellous! I would never have remembered that, if I ever wrote a book... (which I'm not).
As to Katie DeMaio, her personal dramas with Dr. Richard kept me pretty occupied. You know, 'I just want them to be together' and blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, the whole thing got solved, Dr. Highley commited suicide and Katie was saved from bleeding to death. Tatan !

If you read the spoilers and didn't want to ... Well, don't blame me for not warning you ! (in the end :P)