Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels

Sweet Addiction - Jessica  Daniels, J.  Daniels

4,5 stars



This is book is a sweet, five-tier cake of pure amazingness. With each bite, your addiction intensifies and more sooner than later you find yourself facing an almost gone cake. My relationship with this book was like that. I craved it like a junkie.


A baker (Dylan) falls into an accountant's lap at a wedding (literally), they have a scorching hot meeting in the men's bathroom and BOOM!, their relationship begins to build. It's total insta-lust, the believable kind. Seriously, who wouldn't want to hook up with Reese? I mean, he has got to be one of the sexiest book-boyfriends ever created.



Dylan and Reese f*ck a lot. Like A LOT. Like ten or more sex scenes in one book. They are perpetually horny.



But Dylan and Reese are more than f*ck-buddies, they share beautiful, swoonworthy moments, as well as the fanning yourself kind of moments. I absolutely loved them all.



Of course, I could never forget to mention Joey and Juls, Dylan's best friends and my biggest source of amusement! The three of them have an amazing dynamic that I really enjoyed witnessing.


This was probably the best freebie I have ever come across. I would pay for this. Seriously, what a great book. Witty, sexy and an overall good-time. Definitely a favorite!