Tangled by Emma Chase

Tangled - Emma Chase

4 stars


I'm so surprised by the outcome of this. I truly believed I was going to give this book a higher rating when I started reading it.


Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this book. I went crazy with the underlining. I laughed non-stop.



The witty banter was there. The sex was scorching hot. The atmosphere was sizzling with unspoken intent. Drew is panty-melting material.



But somehow the book felt incomplete to me. Like there should have been more build-up, I don't know. About two months are completely crossed off and barely mentioned. And then you have about one third of the book dedicated to one single weekend.


Also, the final part pissed me off a bit. Drew's method to win back Kate was slightly cheesy. It was a bit out-of-character for him, yet it made for a few good laughs. Kate's stubbornness got on my nerves too.



It felt like he loved her far more than she loved him.


You may have noticed that I am talking as if I know the male protagonist better than the female lead. That is because, for the first time in my life, the narrator was a guy I actually identified with.


I think Drew as a narrator is the best part of "Tangled". He is over-the-top hilarious, giving beyond amazing examples about everything and providing scandalous insight into the minds of men. Yes, they're very perverted.



He is the reason I couldn't stop underlining entire sentences as I was reading. Okay, Kate was funny too. And Mackenzie. And Dee-Dee. Mostly every character was amazing.


The problem was that little itch I felt, that little voice in my ear saying that it wasn't enough, that the story wrapped up too quickly. That voice told me this was a four-star book. And I agreed. So here we are.