Just a Little Crush, Renita Pizzitola

Just a Little Crush - Renita Pizzitola

3,5 stars


I'll make this short and sweet. Like the book itself.


Virginal eighteen-year old girl - Brinley.



Hot man-whore about to change his ways - Ryder.



High-school sweethearts kind of sex.



A couple of misunderstandings who are OBVIOUSLY resolved and lead to happily ever afters.



It really isn't a bad book. It's just that it's textbook NA, and I'm a little sick of reading the same formula over and over again. Why does the girl have to be a virgin? Why can't she be a little more promiscuous? Why can't she match the guy, experience-wise? What's with the insta-love/insta-lust? That was the "meh" factor of the story.


So what evens the scale? Definitely Fallon, Brinley's slutty and hilarious roommate. And Ryder. You can't possibly direct any hate whatsoever to such a swoony, panty-dropping guy. Hate's definitely not the right emotion. If you know what I mean...



Overall, "Just a Little Crush" was a nice read, nothing out of the ordinary. It's great to pass the time, but I probably won't remember reading it a year from now.


**ARC kindly provided by Random House Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**