Dare to Resist by Laura Kaye

Dare to Resist - Laura Kaye

4 stars


Finally, a nicely written erotica novel!



There haven't been many of those in my life lately.


This is the story of how Kady Dresco and Colton Briggs who, after years of pent-up sexual tension, finally gave in to their desire.


Three years ago, Kady and Colton shared a scorching hot moment in the pool house after he returned from the military. Now, trapped in a raunchy motel for two days after a monsoon led to the canceling of their flights, they won't be able to resist their repressed needs for much longer.



I love, love, love a good best-mate's sister complex!



Yup, Kady is Colton's best friend's little sister. And there are lots of guilty feelings associated with that.


Everything felt believable and real, despite the short-length of the book (or novella, I don't know). That was amazingly refreshing. Because of that, and even though each installment is written by a different author, I'll continue on reading this series. Here's hoping they're as good as "Dare to Resist"!