Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Wallbanger - Alice Clayton

4,5 stars


You who are reading this review, know that your life will never be the same when/if you chose to read this book. You will never again be able to see O as a mere letter of the alphabet, or dismiss a wall as something ordinary. Nighties will forever be associated with something more than sleeping gear. Seemingly normal items will no longer be regarded as such.


All because of my new favourite couple: Simon/Wallbanger and Caroline/Pink Nightie Girl.



Let's begin, shall we?


Woman moves into new apartment. She is woken in the middle of the night, three nights in a row, by a loud banging on her bedroom wall, complete with strange noises coming from the flat next door. As it turns out, her neighbor is banging three very different, very peculiar women against her wall: Spanx (come on, this one's easy to guess), Purina (she fucking meows) and the Giggler (again, simple to figure out).


This particular woman has a problem in her hands: her O (a.k.a. orgasm) has been taking a very long vacation on a desert island and doesn't seem to want to return - not even for Clooney!


Woman goes on and bangs on her neighbours's door, clad only in a pink baby doll nightie, and voilá!



So, take a woman who is sleep-deprived from all the wallbanging and extremely loud climaxing, plus sexually frustrated, pair her up with a manwhoring, sexy as hell neighbour, and put them in a KitchenAid mixer, and you've got yourself a hilarious succession of banter and teasing (followed by the belated sexy-times).


And when I say hilarious, I mean it. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard while reading a book in my entire life. I practically had to slap myself in the face to refrain from having a fit while riding the subway (thank God for Kindle apps).


And have I mentioned Clive, the cat? He cracked me up the most. I absolutely adored his tiny POV at the end!



All in all, if you're looking for a romantic, funny and sexy story, this is the one for you! Ten pages in, you'll already be declaring your undying love for Simon and Caroline.