Bully by Penelope Douglas

Bully - Penelope Douglas

3,5 stars


So you fell in love with your former best friend, turned major bully, who ruined a whole year of your life?



So you went to France for a year? Ah, the mystical land. You bought things in France. You went on a few dates in France. Sounds like a fascinating place. Except it isn't a place, it is a goddamn country! And a big one at that. Come on, author, couldn't you name a single French city? Paris, Marseille... No?


This book got me all like:



Some things simply didn't make sense.


Jared's explanation for bullying Tate wasn't convincing enough.


The near dismissal of the entire year Tate spent studying in France was a downer.


However, this book had some good things too, otherwise I wouldn't have given it this rating.


I liked the fact that Tate wasn't a prim and proper, totally and completely innocent girl, even though she was a virgin. That's new in the NA genre.


Also, Jared was mostly amazeballs. Hyper intense.


My problem wasn't with their characters individually, but it related to the way they resolved things between them.


Still, this was a generally enjoyable read.