Rival by Penelope Douglas

Rival  - Penelope Douglas

4,5 stars



And I am sold! Fall Away has officially joined the ranks of my top series.


This book was amazing. From the beginning to the very end.


"Bully" had lots of angst. But Jared and Tate's story lacked true maturity. Madoc and Fallon's journey is completely different. It is completely devastating.



From estranged stepsiblings to part-time lovers, and back to the former, Madoc and Fallon have survived years of heartbreak and longing.


They were each other's first everything. At sixteen, they spent the day ignoring and hating each other, and the nights holed up inside her bedroom.


Then, completely out of the blue, Fallon left the house and went to boarding school. Madoc had her one day, and he had lost her the next.


Two years later, Fallon returns, determined to put her carefully-plotted revenge plan against her mother, stepfather and stepbrother in motion.


But there are two sides to every story. Each one of them manipulated into believing the other had abandoned them after all they had shared together, Madoc and Fallon are reluctant to open up their hearts.


The all-consuming spark between them remains, and it is raging into an enormous fire, hell-bent on keeping them together this time.


A steamy, emotional and soulful ride through the minds of two fascinating, complex characters.


And Jax! Oh dear, I need his book. Like, yesterday.