Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill

Some Girls Bite - Chloe Neill

4,5 stars


Did I love this book?



Well, damn.


Merit blew my fucking world out of its hinges.


Having been robbed of her humanity after a vicious vampire attack, Merit, grad student and daughter of a mediatic figure in the Chicago scene, is rescued by Ethan Sullivan, who makes her a vampire. And so she is suddenly required to join the ranks of House Cadogan, one of the North American vampire affiliations, and obey a quite rigid feudal-like system.


Needless to say, in a matter of three days, Merit finds herself immersed in a reality she doesn't understand. Apparently, when she pledges her allegiance to Cadogan, she'll be committing herself to an eternity of faithful obedience towards her Master, which does not bode well with her stubborn nature. That is most likely why she ends up challenging the Liege mere days into her immortal life.


This Liege. Ethan. Sullivan. Hot, blonde, green-eyed vamp. Extremely irritating and domineering.



He's got the hots for Merit. She's got the hots for him. Problem is, they also hate each other. Yes, you heard me. Love-hate relationship! When these two finally give in, prepare for total combustion.


I won't spoil you with any more details. The charm of this book is in being able to follow Merit's steps as she makes her incursion into the vampire world. To be as ignorant as she is, as surprised as she is, to see everything through her refreshing, cynical perspective.


I found myself a new kickass heroine with supernatural skills. I couldn't be any happier!