Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill

Friday Night Bites - Chloe Neill

4 stars


I read this book like a maniac. I neglected my studies (oops), held my breath, and just read. But I can't really pinpoint any particularly amazing moments, besides the ending. Holy moly, those last 10% were explosive!



As far as relationships are concerned, Merit's got a lot on her plate.


She's got a horny, magic-ridden best friend occupying her flat with her beau. None other than Catcher Bell, Merit's ruthless physical coach. Can you see how that particular intersection could be troublesome?


Besides, her gloriously attractive boss is progressively toning down on the frost. Translation: they're getting more handsy and trusting of one another. Which is good.


However, Ethan basically ordered Merit, as his loyal subject, to engage in a relationship with Navarre's new Master, Morgan, who happens to have the hots for her. Not only that, he's actually nice to her. Not like her very annoying Liege. Their relationship has potential. And I don't mean the make-Ethan-jealous kind of potential, I'm saying they would be good for each other. The banter comes easily, and so does the chemistry.


Humans crave what they can't have. Apparently, vampires subscribe to this too. Because Merit wants Ethan. Badly. Even though he systematically resorts to a distant treatment towards her, that he doesn't hesitate to show her he doesn't trust her fully, Merit is drawn in. Every inch of himself that he reveals enthralls her, makes her expect more, prevents her from giving up on the possibility of a "we". And I can see he wants to let her in as well. Sullivan: Please do.



Plot-wise, this second installment wasn't very strong. In fact, the first book wasn't very elaborate in that aspect either, but it made up for it through the world-building. Maybe the lack of a more complex mystery relates to the fact that this is merely the beginning of the series. I hope it does.


I have high hopes for this third book, what with the alluring cliffhanger-ish ending and promise of further Ethan-Merit developments. We'll see.