Amor e Enganos

Amor e Enganos  - Helena Ruão, Julia Quinn 3 stars

Overall, I found this book quite enjoyable to read, yet I couldn't help the dislike I experienced towards the clichés. I confess I'm a bit tired of Cinderella-inspired stories.

Even though only the first eighty pages or so were textbook Cinderella (except for the trade between shoe and glove), they really managed to throw me off the story. The rest wasn't very good either, nothing but an excessive amount of attempts made by the seductive bachelor (Benedict Bridgerton) to corrupt the oh-so-innocent maid/illegitimate daughter of a Count despised by her stepmother (Sophie Beckett). Love blooms, and blah-blah-blah.

The only aspect of this I truly enjoyed were the moments at the Bridgerton House - I have a soft spot for this family. And how could I not?

I feel that "An Offer From a Gentleman" had the potential to be so much more, had it not been overly focused on Sophie's internal dramas. That focus should've definitely been directed at her interaction with the Bridgerton family instead.