Crónica de Paixões e Caprichos

Crónica de Paixões e Caprichos   - Helena Ruão, Julia Quinn A beautiful, light story about true love and overcoming your fears.

Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, hates his father for denying him when he was young, all because he stuttered. When he returns to London after his father's death, he wants nothing to do with the Ambitious Mamas, high society predators in search of a husband for their daughters.

Daphne Bridgerton is a young woman with an Ambitious Mama, who takes her to meet every man she thinks is suitable to be her husband. She grew up in a big, loving family, having three elder brothers, a younger brother, and three younger sisters. She is looking for a wedding based on love, which is why she's been single for so long: people have begun to gossip about it.

Together, they decide to fake an engagement: Simon wouldn't be bothered by the Mamas anymore, and she would be the most desirable woman of the season. The biggest obstacle they face is Daphne's oldest brother and Simon's best friend, Anthony Bridgerton, who doesn't want a man like him - a rogue - courting his sister.

It didn't take a long time for Simon and Daphne to realise that there is something about their little scam that's real: they're falling for each other and Daphne is faced with the hard task of convincing the handsome Duke that falling in love isn't such a bad thing.

Oh, and how it gets spicy hot (and river deep) from this point! ;)
I guess I'll let you find out what I mean...