Archangel's Consort

Archangel's Consort - Nalini Singh I have to say that, honestly, I wasn't expecting this to take so long as it did. But, you know, it was the holidays. Between the cooking and the shopping, it was hard to find time to sit down and read. I kept stopping and starting again, so I ended up losing my focus and taking much longer than planned.

Moving on to the actual book and its storyline.

Elena and Raphael are finally back in New York, but this isn't a vacation.

All around, strange things are happening. Vampires are going rampant with bloodlust. The world is being shaken by abnormal earthquakes and storms. The members of the Cadre are experiencing changes in their behaviour, including Raphael.

All of this indicates that an Ancient is Awakening: Raphael's mother, Caliane. Prior to going to Sleep, she had been filled with madness. When Awake, Caliane may be a threat to the very balance of our world, her power enormous and her age an unbelievable number of millenia.

Raphael is now faced with a challenge bigger than any other: killing his own mother, if she is to rise mad.

I absolutely loved seeing Raphael and Elena in this book. They were a very endearing couple, and I enjoyed seeing Raphael be overprotective (as usual) very much.

This, I think, is the book with the most sex scenes so far in the Guild Hunter series, and that's probably because, in "Angels' Blood", Elena and Raphael were still getting to know each other and, in "Archangel's Kiss", she was still recovering from her injuries.
This one was veeery hot.

There is one thing in Nalini's writing that pleases me very much: the fact that she doesn't make the story only about the heroes and their relationship.
In Nalini's books, the mistery is always interesting enought to drive you away from the main characters and focus on the investigation that is being made, besides all of the other elements in the story, like the secondary characters, who are many times forgotten and described poorly. I myself love to read about Illium, Venom, Dmitri, Aodhan, Jason, Vivek, Sara, Deacon, Zoe, Jeffrey, Gwendolyn, Evelyn, Amethyst and the Cadre (they all make an appearance in this particular book :D). They help make the story complete, and it wouldn't be 5 star worth if it weren't for them.

I didn't provide you with a very complete review, as I should have, because I post-poned doing this for more than a week, and the details I wanted to incorporate in it have already vanished from my mind (**SHAME ON ME**). I know, I really should start taking notes, but if I'm reading, doing it doesn't come in handy.

Thank you for reading :)