Archangel's Kiss

Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh I'd been waiting to read this book since the Easter holidays, when I had my first contact with Nalini Singh in "Angels' Blood". And why is that? Because I have a terrible policy on reading book series, that's why. Just because there are tons of books already available in a certain series, I will not read set books so that I don't have to wait eternally for the next one. So basically, I read the books slowly, with a few months separating them. It actually looks very wise and smart, when you think of it in a rational way. But if you're a voracious, wide-eyed reader, it's TORTURE! I don't think that my policy has ever caused me so much pain before. But that's probably because it's a bit recent.

Anyway, enough talking about me, let's focus on the masterpiece.

The set

"Archangel's Kiss" takes place in the Refuge, a beautiful city made for the angels to live in, where their young are kept and given knowledge. The descriptions of the Refuge were stunning, leaving me breathless.

Elena and Raphael

Their relationship evolves so much! It's lovely to see them share their nightmares and talk about their families. We get lots of details about the deaths of Elena's sisters (Ariel and Mirabelle) and her mother, Marguerite and Slater Patalis, the one responsible for the bloodshed in her childhood house. Also, Raphael tells his mate about his mother and father, something he hadn't discussed with anyone in eons.
Oh, right, and let's not forget the smexy action! Very ... interesting. Okay, now that's a big understatement, but I'll say no more.

The Seven

We finally get to know all of them! Venom, Illium, Dmitri, Aodhan, Jason, Galen and Naasir are the seven angels and vampires who protect the Archangel Raphael with their lives, and there are many who are not so fond of Elena. Illium is just great; I already love him - he makes Raphael really, really jealous (knives and sheaths, hahahah), and he's hot when he's jealous ;). I definitely want to know more about Jason and Aodhan and what makes them act the way they do. I know Jason has his own book coming up, "Archangel's Storm", and I hope Aodhan has one too, along with Illium, the poor loner.

The threats

There's Zhou Lijuan and her reborn, obviously - as mentioned in the previous book - and there's an aspiring archangel doing wicked deeds around the Refuge and threatening Elena's life. Being the first known angel Made, she's a rarity and a flashy red target for anyone willing to try and hit it. There's quite a lot of thrill here...

Final notes

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on "Archangel's Consort", since I heard it's got juicy jealousy scenes - Illium, Illium, Illium! - and lots of love too. Thank's to my shitty policy, that'll be only around Christmas time, probably.
Read this series, I promise you won't regret it!