A Rapariga Que Roubava Livros

A Rapariga Que Roubava Livros - Markus Zusak, Manuela Madureira This book was incredibly deep. I found myself crying hundreds of times, mostly because of the atrocities comitted by the Nazis towards the Jews that, although I already knew them, this was a cruel reminder of that. But I don't really think that it is cruel. Many people, not only authors, should do that, so people won't forget what happened in the past.
Liesel was such an amazing character in every way! She was very innocent, but also adventurous and didn't mind breaking the rules for what she believed was right. Her father (Hans) and her mother (Rosa), the Hubermanns, were very good people too.
'The Book Thief' tells us about a little girl who finds out she loves to read and, beause she has no money to buy books, she steals them, mainly from the Mayor's wife's library, a magical and strange place in Molching, a suburb in Munich, Germany.
I reccomend this to anyone, from teenagers to 80 year-old people, and I hope they like it as much as I did.