Fallen - Lauren Kate It was an amazing book, very thrilling and addicting, though it seemed very similar to Evernight, Hex Hall or even Twilight. That was the reason I took one star away, and also one of the many reasons why I loved it (because I loved all those books :D).
Anyway, Cam is such an annoying character. At first, I tollerated his flirting with Luce, because I love jealousy scenes: I wanted Daniel to get all pissed! But then it just became too annoying to bare. He's horrible, he's mean and terrible. I don't like him at all. On the other hand, I love Daniel so much it hurts. He's the right one for Luce, I just know it. And Lauren Kate, I will kill you if you don't put them together forever!
Also, I heard that in 'Torment' there will be another boy. What The Hell? Isn't it enough to have Cam wandering around like a bug? This is starting to seem a little bit like the 'House of Night' series. Three boys? Come on, Lauren! Isn't that a little bit too much?