Herança - Christopher Paolini, Leonor Marques Christopher Paolini, you've just won an enemy. What the hell ? I still can't believe that you ruined this wonderful series, one of my all-time favorites ! What were you thinking when you came up with that ending ? It was the worst ending ever made !
The question is, how was it even possible to ruin a whole book series of 4 huge books in 100 pages . I don't know how you did it, Christopher Paolini . And no, this is not a compliment . From now on, you're in my Black List , unless you make this right . And to do that, you'd have , let's say , to write another book . Take Eragon and Saphira training the new Shur'tugals and Dragons and build another book ! How hard can it be ? Give Eragon and Arya a chance , and the same for Saphira and Fírnen and Nasuada and Murtagh . You couldn't at least make one couple happy, could you ? You just want to depress us , right ? Well, you accomplished it . I've been depressed since I found out that Eragon was leaving Alagaësia , three days ago . It's not very pleasant , you know.
Moving forward and leaving all the faults behind, I have to say that the majority of 'Inheritance' was actually very interesting and captivating . I especially enjoyed the Dras-Leona conquest and , of course , the Uru'baen battle and the fall of Galbatorix .
Yes , everything is OK in Alagaësia, once more , except for the fact that the main character has left for good . It hurts .
I was always a faithful fan , Paolini . Maybe you and me still have a chance , if you write that other book . Please , please , please do that . This can't be the end . It simply can't . This would've been 5 stars if not for the ending of the book . 4 is what you'll be getting from me , and not a star more !