A Rapariga dos Pés de Vidro

A Rapariga dos Pés de Vidro - Ali Shaw Midas and Ida as a couple were the only thing keeping me reading The Girl With Glass Feet at the beginning. From the middle of the book, other things kept me inside the book. I reached a conclusion: the cover shouldn't insinuate that Ida won't die from her transformation into glass thanks to the love of Midas. I read the book counting on that: I was certain that Ida wouldn't die like she thought she would! And I got very disappointed when Ida ended up dying. Even so, I didn't feel the need to cry! Me, the big crying baby of sad ending books. Yes, this book was sad, but not sad enough to make me cry, and, for me, that makes a sad book better - being written in a certain way that can make you relate to the characters and cry when bad things happen to them.

*** is my score. Even though the cover mistake probably isn't the author's fault, I won't be kinder because of it.