Raven Flight

Raven Flight - Juliet Marillier

4,5 stars


I didn't like "Shadowfell" that much and went on a Juliet Marillier crisis, so I was scared of reading the second installment of the series. But, as it turns out, I had no reason to. Because Marillier didn't let me down again, and my faith in her is now restored and unwavering.


I'm still trying to process everything that happened in this book. It was action-packed, nail-biting and scream-inducing.


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All that "Shadowfell" lacked. Yes, there was more Flint in the first book, but a lot more walking and slowly-dying. "Raven Flight" was a thrill-ride of nearly impossible tasks, where Neryn found herself racing against time to forge an alliance between the Rebels and the Good Folk and learning all that she could from the Hag of Isles and the Lord of the North, all in one year. And there is still a Guardian to be found, an attack to be planned, her homeland to save.


I'm so glad I waited to read this book, otherwise I'd be itching to read the sequel, knowing I would have to wait months for the release. That ending was evil and amazing. But I don't have to suffer much more, because "The Caller" is already out!


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But seriously now. Prepare your tissues and your punching bags, because this series isn't going to let you go without a few bruises. You'll lose characters you love, learn to care for those you dislike, and find yourself feeling like a proud parent as Neryn slowly increases her strength, not only as a Caller, but as a person. I only hope she and Flint have the happy ending they deserve, along with Alban itself.