A Wedding in Springtime

A Wedding in Springtime - Amanda Forester

3,5 stars

As far as soapy historical romances go, this one actually had a believable intrigue. Points for mentioning the France-England dispute.

Eugenia was so naive it hurt. After a while, I couldn't stand her self-loathing thoughts anymore. But Grant (her love interest) managed to gain my praise. He had the most hilarious tirades.

Regarding Marchford and Penelope, I am extremely curious to see how their relationship will turn out, since I really enjoyed their unusual dynamic. Oh, and her newly-found profession as a matchmaker, of course. In fact, I think I might just skip book two of the Marriage Mart series. Thornton was a very shallow character in this particular book, merely an ornament. A Scottish ornament, but still. I'm not feelin' it.