Angels' Dance

Angels' Dance - Nalini Singh

4 stars

It wasn't until I read this novella that I realised how I missed Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter universe. Seeing Raphael four hundred years before he met Elena, drowning in his apathy, made me want to read about them again.

But the focus of this novella is another relationship, that of Galen and Jessamy. 

She is a very old angel, born with a deformed left wing and therefore incapable of flight. The keeper of angelic history. The teacher for the angelic young. A woman with a burning desire to touch the sky.

He is a young warrior arriving from Titus's court, a weapon's master who wishes to serve under the new archangel Raphael. A barbarian for his directness of speech. A man unknown to love, not even from his parents.

After millenia of silence, the woman Jessamy holds inside of her awakens through Galen's touch. They find they are the answer to the most intimate desires of one another. And true love manifests...