Unfiltered & Unlawful

Unfiltered & Unlawful - Payge Galvin, Ronnie Douglas

4 stars


I'm just going to summarise this book, since I read so many while on holiday. Reviewing can be tough work.


A secondary intrigue of drug-related bullshit which had no closure whatsoever and didn't captivate my interest at all.


An angsty, former drug-addict with self-esteem issues called Sasha (nickname Sugar).


Her hottie, tattoo artist bestfriend.


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And her shady, part-time dealer of an ex-boyfriend - who she still sleeps with.


photo pieceofshit_zps740b7db1.gif


That was basically it. Mixed with tons of sexual tension between Sasha and Adam (sexy, tattooed hunk) and maddening inferiority complex crisis from Sasha.


The difference between this and the other contemporary romance/erotica books out there? The innovative sex scenes. You'll never be bored, amigas.


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