Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

Magic Burns  - Ilona Andrews

5 stars


It's over. I finished this book.


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It was mind-blowing and addictive and original and creepy and action-packed. I'm having a relapse!


I need more post-apocalyptic Atlanta. I want to have my life invaded by unconventional, mindless, Gollum-like vampires. I need maniac and kinky shapeshifters to make me laugh. I wish I could immerse myself in Celtic mythology again, dealing with foul-smelling reeves, the Shepherd and Ugad. And misty warrior Bran.


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I need more Curran. The scenes involving him and Kate were my favourite. I wish I could have my own Beast Lord. But I would jump him straightaway. Yes, I am criticising you and your resistance, Kate.


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I need more Kate. I actually admire her bravery and exceptionally strong death-wish. She's so reckless and badass and sarcastic and inherently good. I don't think I have ever loved a heroine as much as I love Kate Daniels. She's both a girl-crush and a heroine. A loner and a mercenary, her powers enveloped in secrecy, her life a deadly rollercoaster, Kate is a thrilling character I certainly want to follow.


I will never get tired of this series. I quite simply adore the quirky characters, this new take on urban fantasy and the mythology, being the geek that I am. Celtic god wars was great. But paranormal Hunger Games sounds just as juicy. Especially if His Furry Highness is involved.


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