Lying Season by Karina Halle

Lying Season  - Karina Halle

5 stars


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First of all. DEX.


What were you thinking, you stupid douchecanoe?


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Should I kick your ass, SOB?


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Or should I kiss you, hottie?


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On the one hand, you love Perry. But on the other hand, you are scared of change and prefer to be around a manipulating bitch that you don't even love (a.k.a. Jenn) instead of taking a chance with the sexiest woman alive (a.k.a. Perry).


I mean, everyone with a pair of eyes can sense the main couple's sizzling attraction in the way they stare at and confort each other. Could Dex be any more swoon-worthy when he compliments Perry or states just how much he cares about her and needs her?


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It pains me to see your relationship plagued by lies. You could have had it all, had you not hid your feelings from one another. I just hope you'll have another chance.


Then, Her Bitchy Highness - Jennifer Rodriguez. I am so glad I could direct all my hate towards you during the whole book. I swore. A lot. That is how much I loathe Jenn and her fake attitude.


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I loved it when Jenn and Dex argued or she didn't care about his problems. I was smiling like a maniac.


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I think I creeped people out. That's the effect this book had on me. My favourite of the series so far.


Last but not least, the horror stuff.


Abby (Dex's old girlfriend who died while driving drunk) is haunting both of them. She gives me the chills. She actually managed to compete with the lepers.


There's also the Riverside Mental Hospital. Slightly disturbing, but Perry and Dex have seen worse.


Honestly, the main focus of this book isn't "Experiment in Terror", but the interactions between Dex, Perry and Jenn, and a further incursion into his past. Which was fine by me!


If you haven't read this series, please do. You won't be disappointed!