The Real Thing by Cassie Mae

The Real Thing: Flirt New Adult Romance - Cassie Mae

3 stars


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This cutesy thing is a slightly innovative friends-to-lovers kind of romance. Definitely sweet, but it wasn't that exciting... I guess I'm not used to dealing with insecurities that seem to remain unsolved for too long. Honestly, Emilia's friends somehow became irrelevant along the way, with the details blurring completely. For such a short book, there should have been less soppiness and more focus on something other than a painfully static relationship. I mean, they kissed once and they're already dating?


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Sorry, but that is not functional.


However, I actually liked the fact that Emmy's character reminded me of myself, with her social networking and book addiction. But mine's not nearly as bad.


Overall, it was a nice book, but it seemed to drag on and on about the same subjects. I also didn't feel very emotionally attached to the main couple and found their arguments a bit repetitive.


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