Old Blood by Karina Halle

Old Blood - Karina Halle

3,5 stars


This is the story of Pippa Lindstrom, Dex's old nanny and Perry's grandmother.


Since her chilhood in an overly religious family to the time she spent in Stockholm, pursuing her dream of becoming an actress - where she met her only love (Ludie) and her husband (Karl), to her stone-cold daughter Ingrid, who made her mother move to New York because of her modelling career. Then there's the painstakingly damaged O'Shea family, plagued by drunken Régine, and little Declan, the least favourite son, the constant focus of his mother's destructive behaviour.


Pippa ended up incapable of living a normal life, disturbed by the astronomical amount of ghosts and demons harassing her, until she was put in a mental institution for the last ten years of her life, thanks to a daughter who always hated and misunderstood her.


I liked the notion that Dex and Perry were always destined to find each other. Only when two people with their abilities share a life is it possible to prevent their downfall into utter madness. Their hearts are magnets. But Pippa didn't have anyone, and the otherworld prevailed.